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March 11, 2010
By Esme3 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
Esme3 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Currently adoption is a thing that is well known throughout the United States and even more so in the entertainment industry, celebrities are adopting children and infants from United States and other countries, this is all over the media. Adoption is an option for individuals that want a family but may not be able to have children of their own due to personal or medical reasons. Adoption is also an option for individuals that want to help out less fortunate children, approximately 70,000 adoptions take place each year around the world. Adoptions can be a complicated process such as an open adoption or a closed adoption, and there is the question of adopting an infant or adopting an older child or because they are relatives. There are several factors to consider and there is defiantly a lot of if’s, buts, what’s, and a couple of or’s in the decision making process. I believe that adoption is a great and wonderful solution to bringing a family together and I think every child deserves family a place to call a home and a mom and dad to call mommy and daddy.
Most adoptive parents who have a choice will most commonly adopt an infant or a toddler. What goes through their mind no one really knows, not even the person who asks knows. My guess would be that an infant or toddler is cute and that way they could watch them grow up instead of adopting a child that is older. Because they would already know things and lesson this might hurt the parent emotionally. The thing though that they don’t realize is that singling out the older children, is hurting them even more because they don’t believe that they are good enough. When the child becomes a teen, he/she begins to get angry and develop of emotional problems. Even more when they get put into foster care and being sent off from home to home. I feel extremely bad for these kids because all they really want is to be loved by at least one person in their life. I also think these kids are strong for having to endure this pain and longing. Sure some of them are angry and violent but that does not mean that all of them are similar and even those kids who are angry might really be good. A parent who is wishing to adopt should not rush into making sure it’s an infant because an older child might be the better option. Adopting is a great option young or old.
Open and closed adoption should be up to the child and not up to the parents to decide what will proceed. Having a close adoption can be good because sometimes the child wouldn’t want to know the birth parent after being left behind like it was no big deal. Open adoption is good as well because the child might have been put up for adoption so it can have a better life not because it wasn’t loved and the child might also want to meet the people who gave them life. To have the adoption open might give the child a way to find out that they were loved but his/her parents might have wanted something better for them. There is just a thing though the person or people who get to decide about the how the adoption should be, it’s not the child but the lawyers, adopting parents, and birth parents. The reason that the child should always have the choice when they are a child as well, not only when you’re an adult plus emotionally the child has lots of problems. When going through puberty a child might have all kinds of question about being adopted and where they are from. Children who have been adopted statistically shown to go into drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity because of the longing of wondering about his/her birth parents and why they were abandon once they have hit puberty. Maybe in the future the laws on adoption will change and it will be allowed for the child to choose if would or wouldn’t want to meet its birth parents. For now though, I can only complain.
This one topic has many little topics within it. I just really choose the three that I really cared about. Adoption is always a good thing for someone who wants to have a child to a person who just wants to help out and give a child a home and to have someone love them. But you should always remember the complications that do go with adoption. All in all though it shouldn’t matter how young or old the child is, just think about the child whatever your choice is.

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its about adoption and how it works as well as the pros and cons with it.

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I am writing an essay in my english class about adoption, and this really helped me get points of views about adoptees. The thing about the age really helped me :) I will cover a few of your points in my topic and put you as a reference :) Try to check it out when it's posted :) Great article, and thanks for the help :D