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Silverado MAG

By Anonymous

     Waiting on me after cross-country
The backseat in which I tossed my books
And my shoes
The pressures of school lifted off my shoulders
A kiss
Was all I needed to make
All the pressures
And worries disappear
Helping me with homework on Saturdays
Some of my best memories
Were made in that
Beautiful black Silverado
You were someone I could talk to
Your company was always welcome
Your cute obsession for Zakk Wylde
Your cute adoration for the new Mustang
The way you always knew just what to say
The way I loved to watch you play your guitar
I seen that
Beautiful black Silverado drive away and that was
The reason I’m not who I used to be
The reason I quit running
The reason I’m not the girl I once was
That beautiful black Silverado
My world was turned upside down
My personality changed drastically
I can’t stop thinking about
That beautiful black Silverado
The way you looked driving it
The way you would look over
And smile
I would give anything to have those days back
To see that
Beautiful black Silverado
Pull into the driveway
That beautiful black Silverado

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i love this !