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The Ozone Layer: What Can I Do? MAG

By Melissa W., Avon, MA

   The ozone layer is an important part of our atmosphere. It protects us from the sun (UV rays). If we didn't have the ozone layer, the earth would be too hot for us to live on and we would all die.

Scientists say they can find two holes in the ozone which are getting bigger. If they get too much bigger, we would have summer all year round due to global warming. Then, eventually there would be no more earth.

Here are four ways we can help save this ozone layer and the earth:

One: Carpools: Perhaps you can start a carpool and have all your friends and their parents take turns driving to school.

Two: Public Transportation: If you have to get somewhere, possibly the next town, take the bus. It will get you where you want to go.

Three: Walk or Ride a Bike: If you're going right down the street, walk or ride your bike. It saves on the carbon monoxide cars produce.

Four: Use Non-Aerosol Cans: If you use non-aerosol cans, it saves on the CFCs (Chloro-fluorocarbons) the aerosol cans produce. The plastic is recyclable and you also can refill them.

If everyone helped in these four ways, the earth would be a healthier, cleaner place. So everyone pitch in and make this earth a cleaner place. n

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