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October 21, 2010
By shellbi123 SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
shellbi123 SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
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"don't say sorry if your not"

She is about 5’4 (SHORT), with brown, medium length, hair, very bright blue eyes, and with a nice tan her nose look’s like it’s got a bubble inside, so round and shiny. Kayly’s ears are pierced too; yea that’s Kayly Zimmer for you. Kayly and I met way back in 4th grade, in Mrs. McDuffie’s class. She was sticking up for me when other girls were being mean.
“Hey stop being mean to her she didn’t do anything.” Kayly exclaimed to the other girls. “Thanks kayly, I’m glad you’re here.”
Everyday after that we hung out. We practically turned into best friends.

When Kayly walks into school it is as if you can smell her from a mile away. It can be from fruity smells, to cotton candy, or even to something that smells like an old lady. Either way, you can smell her, and when you do, you’ll know it’s her.

Over the years I have also realized that if I did something disgusting, Kayly’s facial expression would change, she would practically look at me with disgust. Then if I was laughing her face would turn red , and she would have the biggest smile on her face.

Kayly is a really bubbly gal, she is always so full of love and happiness. She is always really comical, we have this thing we do when we say “EAT IT”, but in a deep manly voice, we started saying that when a girl was getting on our nerve’s and we were just messing around and saying that we were going to have a “smack down” contest with her, but it was just for fun. Kayly is always happy, no matter what, everyday when I walk into school she is always there and smiling. There is practically nothing you can do that can make her upset with you.

Kayly’s voice is one that you’ll know who it is when you hear it. It is in the middle of screechy and deep. It’s almost like bubble’s popping. One by one as they pop it’s like a word coming out of her mouth.

She is really smart.
“Hey kayly, it’s Shelby I need help on my homework.”
“Okay what problem?”
“Okay, 3x = -2 +3.” “Okay so just get rid of that -2 and then divide the 3 by the 3.”
“Okay thanks, bye” “bye.”
That was our phone conversation. That is why Kayly’s the person I call when I need help on my homework, because she knows what she’s doing.

When kayly is at work at the bakery she usually waits for customers to come in and then she says…
“Hello, what can I get for you today?” After the customers leave she cleans up the place. As soon as 5:30 hits the clock, it’s time for Kayly to head home.

During school if anyone is getting picked on, Kayly is always there to save the day. For example, Kayly stands up for everyone, especially her family and friends.
If someone is being mean to me for example:
“Hey Shelby you’re stupid.”
“You know what you can just shut your mouth.”
Kayly would say.
Kayly’s clothing is always so proper and nice; she always looks like she is getting ready to go out. When kayly walks into school I always ask her
“Why are you dressed so nice?” or
“What’s the occasion?” she always say’s
“Nothing, no reason, or I just felt like dressing up.” I guess you could say that she is very classy.

Kayly and I have been friends for 6 years now, I wouldn’t stop being friends with Kayly Zimmer for anything; she is the friendliest person that I have ever met. I think that the reason that were such good friends, and always will be, is because we always stick up for each other, we have so so much in common with each other, and we laugh about everything. I believe, and I bet Kayly say’s the same, that we are going to be best friends until death, because nothing can get between to best friends.

The author's comments:
this piece is about my best frined Kayly, and how she acts, smells, and how she treats people. i think she is an amazing best friend, read this to see what i mean.

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