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lets talk about this

October 21, 2010
By shellbi123 SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
shellbi123 SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
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"don't say sorry if your not"

Let’s Talk about it.

Either you speak your mind or you don’t, what’s it going to be? Don’t be a chicken, and hold everything in because you’re scared of what other people might think about you or your idea, or whatever it was that you had to say. You only have one chance to live, and you’re too scared to even try to live it, because you are holding everything back.
Life is full of surprises, and those surprises will never hit you until you begin to start living. Life is an epic thing, so live it out, and go crazy, wild, get inspired by the littlest things. Don’t be sad and depressed all the time. Stay on your game. Speak your mind. Live it up.
So, all in all for today’s story, is speak your mind, or forever be quite, because while you’re at home being lazy, everyone else is out being crazy, so do yourself a favor, and live up your life!! PEACE

The author's comments:
this is about living out your life and not being afraid to do so.

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