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Prom & NOT

March 22, 2011
By LDee. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
LDee. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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The most anticipated day for juniors and seniors is coming soon.
Time of clever ways to ask your date to Prom, the magazines filled with beautiful formal dresses, stilettos, hair and makeup, and the perfect ride. It’s the time to give yourself the royal treatment without worrying about anyone else but yourself.
Many students await the moment to be with friends and their high school sweetheart at this year’s famous Prom. Ladies battling it out to have the best dress, the men taking that leap to ask out their crush, who will be announced king and queen, and who thinks they can dance.
Make this moment the event you will look back at years from now and enjoy reminiscing the everlasting memories. Put all worries and issues behind you and at the end of the night make of it the best whether it wasn’t what you expected or it exceeded your standards.
This the only night to take in the four years worth of memories and to enhance the meaning of your high school experience. This night will set apart any other night before it, and all those to come. Youth and beauty are all tied in as one only with time will it truly be appreciated.
Don’t let anything hold you back this night. If your song is jamming, go and bust a move, and if you’re asked to dance just say yes. Make sure to have the Kodak moments with your buddies.
Be sharp, be fresh, and be spontaneous. Most importantly, be safe. There is a great probability that there is going to be after parties in which you have to make the smart choice to whether or not you’ll be there. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the moment and think you have to participate in the late-hour drink fest.
It can become easy to simply take a sip and think driving is within your capability. Rational reasoning needs to be present whether it is at Prom, or outside of Prom.
Let’s not jeopardize the fun night by engaging in unnecessary activities afterwards. Smart choices are vital when it comes to having a good time.
If you’re questioning whether or not you’ll be attending, just take the opportunity to go out and have a blast. It is not too late to start preparing. If you haven’t found that dress, be patient. If you still don’t know what to say to ask your date out, just break the ice with a sincere, “Hello.” Prom is coming soon, but don’t rush things. Take your time to plan for it, because it is one a night deal.
No date, no stress. Go in with a group friends and have a great time. When the music starts bumping and the dance gets going, all these tedious thoughts will escape your mind.
This time it is okay to move with the crowd . Be willing to try something new and plunge into the excitement for one spontaneous night with your friends.
Friends come and go, but solid memories will always remain. Prom night, is part of the high school life; it is a piece of an end and the start of a new beginning. It is a milestone that represents the celebration of new and gracious things to come.
So seniors, keep in mind that this is your last high school dance. It’s all right if you decided to do something small and cute, or if you choose to go all out. Dancing, smiling, and socializing is all part of the scene. Don’t miss out, make sure you go out with a big bang!

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