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i miss you my friend

August 26, 2011
By dark-angel BRONZE, Allanson Collie, Other
dark-angel BRONZE, Allanson Collie, Other
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Dear Monty

I wonder if you'll ever speak to again. I still remember all the fun we had, when I was around you. You were the one who made me laugh and smile each and everyday. We had made plans but they were never kept we just couldn't. I still wonder what you are up to this very day. We haven't talked in so long not knowing if we'll speak again. Now I wonder who you hang out with who are your friends if I was still there would we still be best friends' or would we have gone our different ways you are only a year younger than me but we are still close I see your younger brother mucking around when we had the bush crash I didn't see you then It seemed like you didn't care at all but now I see you didn't know. I miss you and I hope to see you again one day. But for now all I can say is good-bye even though I know you will never read this letter but I still wonder if you did would you even know it is about you. You probable wouldn’t because not matter what I say you never reply. I know your mad at me for leaving you all on your own when you needed me the most the start of your high school years. But I know if you would just look past the fact I let you down then I know you would be able to forgive me and come back to being my best friend. I know I should have told you I was moving schools before I moved schools but I didn't know I was till near the end of the year.

I love you Monty just like you were my own sister that’s just what you are a sister to me the one who knew would all ways be there when I needed you because you said so. And may you remember me all ways till it comes time for use to meet again. I know that will come because we all have to meet again one day. But an till that day know I miss you with all my heart and all ways will.

From your friend always

The author's comments:
this piece is about one friend moving away from school and another stay at the same school. i was that friend who moved away and left my best friend to fend on her own for her first year of high school.

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