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God is the Ocean

August 27, 2011
By DirectingGabs GOLD, Texas, Texas
DirectingGabs GOLD, Texas, Texas
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God is like the ocean. Have you ever sat back and thought "how can I possibly wrap my mind around this?". It stretches out as far as your eyes can possibly see. It hold things that you can't imagine. The sharks, the beautiful Titanic. The things that could kill you with a bite is in the palm of the ocean.
Why some people are running from the ocean (God), some are toe deep, knee deep, head completly enveloped by the water! Then, there some people who are holding hands with their friends slowly guiding them to the water. While some are jumping the waves that were sent from miles beyond with one another.
Exactly where are you in the water?
Are you testing it out?
Are you knee deep?
Waist deep?
Are you letting it envelop your entire body that you can't hold onto the ground anymore that you just have- LET GO! Let Him take you where he wants you to go. All over the place. To the bottom.
So, where are you?

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on Jan. 16 2012 at 3:29 am
simpleandtrue PLATINUM, Moraga, California
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I really liked your analysis of God to the ocean. We, as believers, are experiencing Him at different levels. He is deep, unfathomable at times, and so beautiful. I enjoyed your article a lot!