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Wind is drug

January 8, 2012
By Kyuubi9Tails SILVER, Washington, District Of Columbia
Kyuubi9Tails SILVER, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Dude.......if you don't understand what I just said, there is no hope for you now.


Have you ever felt that no one in the world would ever understand you? Well that's how I've felt since the day I was born. My father is never home, my mother loves me at one point and then when I do or say something she doesn't like, it's like she turns into a different person. There's so many things I want to talk about, but there is no one who will listen. Once I find one single ray of hope in a person who says they will listen, they do nothing but mock me, make fun of me and laugh. I feel like there is no one out there who will be there for me to lean on when I feel like the housing of my soul is crumbling down around me. I feel as if there is no one who is truly my friend, my relative, my lover.. there is nothing and no one. Just me.
Just the slowly addictive drug that is wind. I love the wind. Its the one thing that comforts me. It is my friend. It is my family. It is my lover. It speaks to me in a way only wind bearers can hear...
The only one who is there to support me in this cruel cold world is...

my drug.

The author's comments:
When I was writing this piece, I was in so much pain from things going on inside my family and my home. I needed to write things out and I had to do them quickly. So I ran outside and at one point I felt completely at piece but then very lonely. Out of nowhere the wind began to blow as soon as I spoke... "where are you my friend?"
It lets me know I'm comforted. Yes I am a nature freak :)

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