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I am me

January 26, 2012
By Baby.Boo PLATINUM, Casper, Wyoming
Baby.Boo PLATINUM, Casper, Wyoming
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"If you obey the rules you miss all the fun!"
- Katharine Hepburn

Have you ever had some one tell you how to live your life? I have! I hate it! Just because you think you know more or think you know all the answers doesn't mean you can tell me how to live MY life. You don't know my life. You can't read my mind. My decisions are mine, Not yours! Let me live MY life. Let me make mistakes, and don't worry I will learn from them! But yes, I am capable of making good decisions. So let me! I don't need you to make choices for me or judge my every action.

If I want to date that cute boy, that doesn't have the best reputation let me. You think you know him you don't! You don't know he skips class to be with his little brother cause his mom works all the time. You don't know how much he loves me. Or how he calls my beautiful instead of sexy. And tells me I look great even when I just woke up and look like a mess.

So before telling me what to do and judging me think. Think about me and how it will make me feel. So let me make choices. Let me be me! I love myself for who I am not who you want me to be. I am my own person. Love me or hate me for it. I don't care. But I will not change for you.

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