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Too Important to Forget

April 13, 2012
By GodSpell98 GOLD, Lincoln, Nebraska
GodSpell98 GOLD, Lincoln, Nebraska
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For some people, the worst thing about being a teen is how your parents are (ugh and eye-roll) are always butting in. For others, it's the fact that no one takes you seriously! Or still, it could be that everyone expects too much of you! But for many people, including me, the worst thing about being a teen is other teens. Teens are old enough to know things about the world, but young enough to not care or not understand the impact on other people's or their own lives. When you hear about something devastating, how many times will you say, "Oh, that sucks!" or "Oh, that's too bad!" and then half an hour later, you'll have completely forgotten about it, even though it may change someone whom you know and love's life completely! Maybe it will leave them an orphan, or without someone they feel they can turn to. Or, think about this way: suppose something really, really bad happened to you, and it just kept getting worse and worse, and some people knew about it, and reflected on it for a few minutes with a few sad thoughts, but then became too wrapped in their own problems, missing homework, or broken relationships that only lasted two days anyway. Then you feel as if your life is completely worthless, as if no one cares about you at all, and if someone does care, they're only doing it to make themselves feel good about caring for a "poor, unfortunate, distressed soul!" You may think about suicide or cutting yourself. While this will probably never happen to many of us, it does happen, and it happens to the best people, people who never hurt anybody or wanted to hurt anybody. People who were just people and nothing more than that, who were used for something horrific and then tossed aside like a dirty tissue. And every time they were forgotten by people who should have cared, that dirty tissue was trampled on over and over by feet that once knew it. Teens are too caught up in themselves to care about other people. Please don't forget this article--it's too important to forget.

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