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The World Coming Together- Joseph Kony

June 20, 2012
By Swims.M.V. GOLD, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Swims.M.V. GOLD, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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What would you do if you were sitting on the couch watching TV when suddenly an odd commercial came on? Well that was me and I searched it only to become enraged to find out that a man named Joseph Kony walks this Earth kidnapping children to put them in his “Lord’s Resistance Army”. This man is known globally for killing children and young women in Uganda, Africa. You can help, although this is a very big war we as humans are trying to fight there are small things you can do to get this man’s soul off this Earth. Joseph Kony must be stopped or he will ascend above our humane and so far unsuccessful efforts.
I’ve decided to get my opinion about this man, out to the world because my feelings are strong and I believe that they can at least affect one human to do the right thing. Kony must be stopped because he has put so many families in danger, because he has killed so many, but mainly because he has been going on for so long making an eternal dent in the human civilization. Please help the children without a voice because when you do something small like just writing an essay expressing your feelings you add to the big solution…you can help, please do.
Children down in Central Africa have been affected by this man, Joseph Kony since 1987; he abducts kids by the thousands. This man has reportedly kidnapped 20, 000 Ugandan children, male and female. Both sexes’ serve a purpose in the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) many times killing them in the process, but what’s ironic is that Joseph Kony’s LRA is known to be followed by the Biblical 10 Commandments. Those thousands of children and young women who have been abducted by this man do not deserve all the terror they are put up to. Joseph Kony is a man who has taken over so many people, who has killed so many, isn’t that enough to make everyone on this planet want him arrested?
The United States has been involved along with other nations, who have all been working to put an end to Joseph Kony yet time and time again we have lost the battle. For the last 25 years we have lost a battle against an inhumane and ruthless Army. Kony 2012 is a program that put together an event on April 20th, 2012 called cover the night where thousands of communities made Joseph Kony famous around the world. They made him famous for steeling innocent children; they made him famous for being a murderer and for being a globally wanted man. Now this June Kony 2012 is taking the next step, our communities “are gathering at the UN to deliver our 3.3+ million pledges and tell our leaders we want peace” ( )Now you can pledge to help end this ongoing war with Kony by going to just give your name to let the world know you are in on the resolution to this chaos. Now you see this man is big so that was just one small event let’s come together and create another even bigger, Uganda families cannot do this on their own, but we can help.
Joseph Kony has abducted 20, 000 to many people, and he has been doing it for far too long. Joseph Kony has affected me and many others just learning about him, this was a lot for me to take in but I have and I know he must terminate his Army. His “Lord’s resistance Army” has gotten to strong, we as humans need new tactics because he has shown us what he will do. There are efforts taking place so you can help, simple things will make progress, help get those people to safety. GO AHEAD KEEP FIGHTING, KONY BUT KNOW THAT OUR WORLD WILL NEVER FALL WE WILL JUST RISE ABOVE, YOU.

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I hope all my readers will be able to find their better self and make a difference in their community, no effort is too small.

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