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By Anonymous

   CinderellaAs I walk inAll my energy slowly driftsOut the door.The smell of coffee and donutsGlide through the air,I get woozy,My stomach turns."Hi, how are you doing today?""What can I get you?"Is my vocabularyFor the rest of the day.My day consists ofMaking everyone happy,Sweeping mopping,Washing dishes and wiping tables.I turn into Cinderella.My feet ache andI feel as if I weighed 500 pounds.When I get a chance to sitAll the weight sinks into the groundAnd now I am as lightAs an angel.When the night is overand I walk out the front door,the energy rushes back into me.The smell of coffee and donutsAre left behind.I'm not Cinderella anymore,I'm me Sara Miller, Clarkston, MI

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i love this so much!