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It's Halloween Again

September 18, 2008
By riss_writer SILVER, New City, New York
riss_writer SILVER, New City, New York
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I can always sense what time of year it is even without searching my mother’s calendar for those big, orange letters. Without opening all the glossy paper catalogues only to find pages filled with what seems to be the dream wardrobe for every child’s dress-up game fantasies. All I have to do is step outside, feel the chilly air bite my cheeks and stare out into a forest of crisp browns, warm reds and vivid oranges and then, I know. Halloween again, and now in place of the long lost rainbow of floral arrangements, the neighbors’ lawns are decorated with an assortment of tacky, plastic lawn ornaments featuring classic Halloween characters like witches and goblins. But I believe that one of the best parts of the preparation for Halloween is the costumes. It seems that I’m not alone in the belief that it’s okay once a year to just pull on a mask and an alter ego all in one.
And then there’s the candy. Starting in November, I walk into the typical fluorescent-lit drugstore and I’m bombarded with aisles and aisles of colorful and glossy bags of sweets. The vision itself persuades my taste buds to purchase a pack, so I do – but it’s only for the kids, right? As I set out the candy in preparation for this special, upcoming holiday, its shiny, sugar-glazed sweetness taunts me into trying a piece, but I stop myself and remember the trick or treat routine.
This time of year is peaceful one. A time of rest between the torrid summer heat and the frigid winter temperatures.

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