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   Nine months ago, give or take a week, my father lost his job at a company in Western Massachusetts. He busily and thoroughly scanned the country for job opportunities, somewhat unsuccessfully. With the economy as it is and other serious factors on his shoulders, he accepted an outstanding job offer in the suburbs of San Diego.

At first, I was exuberant that he got a job, but slowly my feelings turned sour. For those of you not familiar with the geography, I am faced with moving from the Northeast to the extreme Southwest. I do not believe that there is a farther place in the continental United States from my home and friends. Adjusting to this idea was difficult, but, with support from my family and friends, I got through it.

Currently I am still in Massachusetts awaiting my summer deadline. It is frightening to think about what my new friends will be like. It is also difficult to understand why me? Why now? I have lived in Massachusetts since birth and have strong roots here. It is depressing to think about leaving all my friends behind because how could anybody fill their shoes? I know I will make new acquaintances and will carry my friendliness with me to my new world, but I will always feel like an important part of my life was left behind, unfinished.

To those of you reading this, I have one thing to say, "Cherish your family, friends and surroundings because you don't realize how lucky you are until they are taken away." I feel as though I am being born again into a strange and foreign world. I know I will survive, but it is the anticipation that is most difficult to deal with.

This story is dedicated to my family, friends and anybody else whom I have met through the years who has made my life interesting and livable. n

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i love this so much!