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Dreaming of Her MAG

By Anonymous

     As I peacefully slip away into another dimension, visions of her face haunt me. She reaches forward and gently strokes my face as she begins to speak. Her voice is as sweet as honey, but her words tear at my soul. As she explains her reasons for giving me away and fills me in on her life, I notice tears streaming down her face. She is gorgeous, with long blond hair and bright blue eyes, just as I had imagined she would be. She wipes my tears with her smooth hands and my heart breaks into a million pieces.

I’ve never been able to cope with being adopted as well as my sister has. The thought of never knowing who my parents are torments me. Almost weekly my mother and I meet in my dreams so she has a chance to explain how she has been since that day in the delivery room. Usually I just listen and concentrate on tasting every word. The only sounds that you’ll hear from me are the soft whimpering of tears.

When I awake I am never able to remember what she said, but that doesn’t really bother me. The fact that I am finally able to see my mother gives me the most amazing feeling. Hopefully someday, I will be graced with the privilege of finally meeting her in person, despite a feeling I have that she has passed away.

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i love this so much!