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he's leaving (dream)

January 13, 2009
By angelina green GOLD, Navarre, Florida
angelina green GOLD, Navarre, Florida
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"i'm moving", the words from his mouth hit me as if my head had been stabbed with a knife. it wasn't possable to process this information. my heart wouldn't let my mind try to grasp the concept. my eeys began to fill with tears of despare. it was almost sunset, he put his hand against my cheek to stop the water from flowing down my face. "don't worry", he said in his soft sweet voice,"it'll all be ok". "no! no, it won't be alright you're mving far far away and, and...", i couldn't finish my sentence it was to much i just wanted to pray it was a dream. he quickly grabbed me wraping his body tight around my as if he were to never let go. when he slightly released i looked up through my tearful eyes, trying to freeze his image into my mind to keep. he he moved his hands to cup my face in them. he leaned towards me for the one last kiss. his soft lips i'll never forget. it was like a stimulent to my brain sudden flashbacks of all the moments together and pointless fight never won. i didn't want any of this to end. he finally pulled back from the kiss to only whisper into my ear ,"dec.11,2012...i love you." two car head lights flash into the drive way as he looked into my eyes rememdering the face. he ran to the car, the car that was taking away the man i loved. my head had a sudden rush of light headedness as i fell to the ground. when i suddenly woke up i noticed it all was just a dream. to bad the next day i found out he really was moving.

The author's comments:
when i had that dream i was praying that it really was all just a dream but i had a feeling it wasn't i couldn't go back to sleep that night. the next day after lunch he wanted to talk to me. we sat infront of the school when he told me that he was moving. i couldn't take the feeling of the dream becoming true so we broke up then and there.

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