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Luna Revealed

July 10, 2015
By WordAddict GOLD, Montclair, New Jersey
WordAddict GOLD, Montclair, New Jersey
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  Cats; “cute,” “playful,” and “cuddly,” are words that often come to mind when one encounters such fascinating creatures. However, just as every human being has an individual character, each cat has an essence, with their own temperament and nature. In addition, each breed of cat has physical characteristics that appeal to certain people, and their personalities compliment their specific breed—from past experiences of having three cats of the same breed, I have proved that this isn’t exactly the case. Currently, having my silver Bengal cat, Luna, my family and I have found that not all cats are valid under just the ‘cute’ and ‘cuddly’ labels, and how surprising it is to be revealed. 

  I love my cat for who she is—there are just some things about Luna that I simply can’t comprehend, and some fragments of her character that I could pluck clean from the ‘Cute’ list to the ‘Con’ list. First Cat Con: as a newfound hobby, Luna enjoys lurking under the sink just before I enter the bathroom to shower, ears pricked, eyes glowing yellow, ready to scare me. This, as some cat owners know, is a strange but common thing for cats to do. However, since finding Luna has become a perpetual habit at the same time each night before I bathe, I have entertained the thought that she refuses to drink any water except for the bath’s tap water. Second Cat Con: Cats cough up hairballs; they just do. But Luna chooses to cough up her hairballs in the very places I, or anyone else in the house, am most likely going to step in them. This has occurred multiple times in the past three years, and Luna always seems to know where our new rug is going to be the next time. Third Cat Con: during random times throughout the month, Luna will purposely try to avoid me by sprinting away or not laying a paw in my room after about three days of not seeing her around the house—but of course, she still never ceases to surprise me in the bathroom. She even attempted to take it to the ultimate level one night as she jumped from the second floor window to the driveway, and ran for her life—only to appear on our back deck grooming her toes the next morning. As much as I love my cat, I continue to fake a smile when a guest comes and gushes about how ‘cute’ he or she thinks Luna really is.

  Luna, nonetheless, being so great, it would only be right to chart a lengthy list of Cat Pros. Even so, I’ve come to finding a few meaningful, quirky Pros that Luna holds with her rightful place as a pet with a love/creeped-out relationship with the rest of her family. First Cat Pro—just by hanging around, Luna can always make me feel good and smile. Cats hold that light-hearted aura, and the friendly, small-faced, furry appearance can make anyone ranging from toddlers to elders feel at ease and comfort. When she snores in her sleep, the sound is so saccharine that I just throw my head into her soft, silky stomach and laugh as she snorts awake. Second Cat Pro—Luna won’t bother me all day long. Of course, during school, I haven’t the slightest idea what she’s up to. Fortunately, when I return home to do my homework, Luna knows that I want to be left alone, and refrains from bothering me, and sleeps silently in the windowsill.

  “Creepy,” “tiresome,” and “adorable,” are words that often come to my mind when I find my cat stalking me in the bathroom, avoiding me in the driveway, or squeaking in her sleep. Luna is a oddly unique animal in my life that is genuinely baffling to me—somewhat disturbing, and always, always a great, hyper friend. Luna is a cat that has a personality that I just can’t define for any other type of pet--she is one of every kind of her same breed of cat, all her seven sisters separated from the litter. Perhaps she doesn’t deserve most of the compliments she receives, but I love Luna for who she is. Luna understands me better than anyone, and she is always ready to listen to anything I say, and she doesn’t judge me for who I am as a person, or my personality. My cat is definitely not afraid to show the eerie side of her character, Luna revealed is truly a cat to know.

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To my cat, Lunabel, who has always been there for me.

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Goose said...
on Jul. 22 2015 at 4:54 am
Your cat sounds hilarious! You should write about your other cats!