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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Let's stand on this pavement for another lifetime while our fingers slowly freeze andturn numb. Let's smoke, to look cool, and talk about nothing. Let's flip our hairand flirt with boys, and degrade the brains we have inside our heads. Nights likethis make me numb. Nights like this will be what kill me. Apologize to Kerouac,apologize to Ginsberg, apologize to the people who thought on a level yourRa-Ra-ing brain can't handle. A person can drown in ignorance. Without a breathof intellectual stimulation I could wither and die. My hair grows grey, my eyessunken from lost sight, and my lips tight and wrinkly from holding in my words.Let's drink until we're falling all over each other and make childish mumbles ofincoherence. Let's not question each other; take everything for face value anddie of relentless boredom before we graduate. If I hear one more recycledthought, I might just shoot myself, or you. I hate you, but I hate myself morefor staying here and crying when I don't feel accepted by you. You all love eachother - kiss kiss - you can all kiss this. This is my exile into relevantthinking. I want to feel again ... you guys just bring me down.

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i love this so much!