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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Why did you not love me, Dad?
Was I not good enoughfor you, is that why you hate me?
Or maybe because I can finally see my motheronly cared for me.
Words can't describe all the pain I have inside,
Youturned your back on me when your love would have meant the world to me,
Butwhen I see you on the street,
You don't say a thing.
Like I am not eventhere.
You had a choice between your wife and us,
And you'd rather havesome two-cent bar scrub,
Who would only give it up to a mental patient if hewere even that mental,
But the only person I know like that is you.
So, ifI could make that choice, I would choose my kids.
See, that's the differencebetween me and you,
I would love my kids to death,
Not turn my back on themwhen they need me.
So, the last thing I have to say to you is thanks forshowing me how not to love my
Children ...

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i love this so much!