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March 3, 2009
By Austin PLATINUM, Pipe Creek, Texas
Austin PLATINUM, Pipe Creek, Texas
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'Can you tell me on more story as I fall asleep?'

'Yea...' the boy thought about some things and then started.


boy. girl.

Girl- Isn't this a lovely place?

Boy- Yes it is. It makes me think...

Girl- Think about what? I wanna know. I love your thoughts.

Boy- And I love yours. Your visions of colors fill my thoughts of the wonders in your mystery.

Girl- As do yours. Now tell me, please? What does it make you think?

Boy- Maybe the ones who look forward to heaven are pessimistic. Maybe this place is perfect.

Girl- Do you see the colors in the waters below our feet? The sun is quite generous with its shine.

Boy- I see the waters in your eyes. I see the colors separated and the emptiness that is filled. Like you are fulfilled. Are you?

Girl- How can I not be?! With you and God's willingness of the sun on the greens of the trees which holds the shade to you and I? But I go on too much, just because I want to hear you speak! Go on, I need the voice of your melodious words.

Boy- When the greens grow, they sprout in hopes of seeing your eyes, which have the calm, intense essence of the sun. Your hair, flowing like rivers and waving as tree leaves which are held East and West by the wind which is also from your hair! You are a goddess and the world was inspired by your free loving spirit, so it tried to build a remembrance of you. The world held that only the invisible could represent such.

Girl- Aw, and you're so lovely. The world saw its imperfections as the Lord place his lovely lamb down. As would everything, the world was jealous. It couldn't deal with the new beauty, so it paralleled it. It looked at your spirit and made the colors of the intangible before.

Boy- Aren't you lovely to exaggerate like that! You love me so much you're biased!

Girl- You saw it and know it! And I do love you enough that if it didn't happen I would be hard to say anything but beautiful and exaggerated! And it will always be true that if your words aren't here, the world couldn't think on its own and would die.

Boy- and with only my words there'd be no holiness to them. As one could not think on life without it being; I could not think on love without having your glamorous stars.

Girl- What could I think of without your description!? I'd have no definition, be formless, without your heartbeats.

Boy- And what about the emptiness?

Girl- There's none! And about the notes in our souls are the conception of us two.

Boy- Yes!

Girl- Our love is our music, none the more beautiful.

Boy- And I do love you. Paint the fire's heat and I'll speak its flame.

Girl- Oh! How lovely!

Boy- Do you think the sun shines for us? The World grows for us? The wind sings for us? The stars and moon kiss the sky for us? And from the sky that is loved comes the clouds of rain that bathe us?

Girl- They do, they do for you!

Boy- Don't flatter! For our love they do.

Girl- Hear the silence singing? The moonlight is boasting poetry for us! The worldly wind makes his lute of the grass and limbs for leaves from trees.

Boy- And I'm jealous, with the lovely night now out, that the stars and moon may not just kiss the sky, but may attempt for your cheek.

Girl- Then kiss me and make it known to the ground, trees, wind, sky, stars, moons beyond, hearts of galaxies, providence and her angels

Boy- And so we will!

boy and girl kiss.


'Baby? Are you awake? I love you princess, sweet dreams.'

The author's comments:
A play based on Beauty. Filled with colors, allusions, and over-complementing blithe.

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