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Doe VS. Buck

February 18, 2009
By Squeaker GOLD, Apopka, Florida
Squeaker GOLD, Apopka, Florida
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My dad an I walk out of the woods with a deer that I shot. Yes a girl shot a deer. What kind of deer though? How can you tell? Let me help. Bucks and does are very different but they are alike in several ways. Here are some ways to tell those deer apart.
A doe is a female like me, unlike a buck which is a male deer. A doe?s coat or fur is more of a caramel color, however the bucks coat or fur is a dark brown. The buck, has antlers for attracting mates and for self defense, however the doe does not grow antlers.

When hunting season comes around, I hate to say it but,both are hunted. The buck is more likely hunted because of their antlers. Hunters mount the head of the bucks as trophies. The bigger the deer, the more points on their antlers, the prittier the trophy. However the doe is still hunted but there is a limited number that can be killed.

Bucks and does are very simular when they are younger. Both of them have spots that later fade away. When the deers grow older but are still young they both develop stubs, which later eather fall off the does or develop into antlers for the bucks.

When mating season comes around the antlers become fighting tools. They use them to lock with other bucks and fight for the doe. The stronger buck is the winner, who in return gets to mate with the doe.
Unlike the bucks, the does do not fight for anything except protecting their young. The does have a secret weapon of there own. Their front hooves are very hard and the muscles in there front legs are very strong. They rear up to their back legs and do what is kind of like a clawing motion with there legs leving there hooves to hit what ever they feel threatin by. Don?t mess with a does baby! She can take you any day! Most girls can!
Most people do not realize how different a buck and a doe are. Now that you have read this you will have a little more of an idea on how to tell them apart. Now,next time you see a deer on the side of the road , or see some hunters walking out of the woods, (don?t be surprised if there is a girl walking too) look and see if it?s a doe or a buck. I walked out of the woods with a 290 pund 9-point buck!

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