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February 21, 2009
By sanra SILVER, Far Rockaway, New York
sanra SILVER, Far Rockaway, New York
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Originally written on 11-05-08.

I couldn't believe that he had actually won. I mean I wanted him to win, but honestly, I didn't believe he could have. I guess I was just curious if a black man could finally be a president, and scared at the same time that it could happen.

Tonight was a huge history. Obama being elected a president, you know, giving black men__which should have also been women, not just men__the chance to have the courage to believe that they too, can be presidents.

I think this is like some kinds of test, people wants to know if black men can be as good leaders as white men. I also think that Obama would have had the chance to win even if he wasn't such a good leader as a result. Plus everybody knows he's a good man, (which kind of surprised most of the people at the start)

Tonight after I finally believed that Obama was really winning, I didn't know what I was feeling. You know when you're exited, and there's a laugh in your throat, but you can't get it out because tears are holding them back, but in a very strange way. Then you'll feel the tears coming, but they are light and cool, not heavy and hot like when you're sad? That's how I felt then. I was hopeful then, even still now.

I actually pinched myself to see if I was dreaming!

The author's comments:
I wrote this at school durring a class, wanted to write later, but i couldn't hold back any more.

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