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The Balcony

March 15, 2009
By Son`ador SILVER, Hamilton, Other
Son`ador SILVER, Hamilton, Other
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Stephanie Perry Moore

Life sucks, and then you die!!

The balcony, ahh the balcony also known as the roof. The balcony is the place to be,a place for dreams to become real, a place were life is death, a place were my dreams fly away into the sky.
I slam the door shut, run out the house with tears streeming down my face. She said it, i scream to the world. I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE SAID IT. She said Carnell will never like me or see me, GET OVER IT.

As i run to the balcony i trip and fall on a rock that is as sharp as a broken heart in the process. I don't pay attention to all the blood streeming down my leg. I keep on running not looking back. I finaly arrive to the baclony, running up the steps i realise that there is a track of blood following me. Thoughts ramble in my head, but one takes over,.. their going to find me. I can't let them find me i studder. Hours pass by with no human being appearing on the balcony. i stay cuddled up in a corner whatching the lightening copy my everymove. I move one way the lighteng moves the same way. My clothes are soaking wet, my long strait black hair is sticky from the hairspray and the rain, my caramell skin is wet with tears. Once again i repeat to myself ''I cant let the find me''. I only had one choice to make, never live the day to see Carnell Breeding finaly see me. As i jump off the balcony to my recent death, I scream '' I AM NOT INVISIBLE''.

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