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The Common Question

March 26, 2009
By Alexis Burlile GOLD, Park City, Utah
Alexis Burlile GOLD, Park City, Utah
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A common question asked around the Unites States is; Many governments and international organizations such as the United States work to end poverty, in other countries like Ethiopia and Bangladesh. Why do you think ending poverty is so hard ?

Poverty is hard to end because people in other countries are over populated, governments are not ran well, and people in poor countries have no education and no money.

First, poverty is hard to end because people in countries like Ethiopia and Bangladesh are over populated. It isn’t good to be over populated because there isn’t enough food for everyone and there aren’t enough jobs for everyone. Since there isn’t enough food in the country people are going to die. Well, now we have a couple thousand people a day dying. Well, there are no jobs, so people can not go out and make money. Since they can’t make money because they have no job, they will have no food. Everyone knows that if you don’t have any food, you can’t feed yourself or your family.

In countries like Bangladesh and Ethiopia there are not good governments. Now, if there isn’t a good government, people will go crazy. For example, Afghanistan today. They have no government so they can get away with anything. If someone in Afghanistan decided to murder someone. Not one person would step up and say “Hey that isn’t right.” They would just go on with their lives. In the United States today we have Obama as our President. He is doing a pretty good job handling a nation. He enforces children to get an education, and he enforces that we have nice roads, and that the government is caring. What would happen if no one had an education? Our nation would be just like Bangladesh or any other third world country. What would happen if the people thought that the government didn’t care. We would al turn into terrorists and try to attack our government. When that succeeded we would have no government. To wrap it up, poverty will be hard to end because poverty is really the a giant circle, and it keeps spreading to different countries for all sorts of reasons.

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