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Sahar Tabar

January 28, 2018
By Anonymous

Beauty is a challenging thing. It seems like almost everyone judges something based on how good or bad he, she, or it looks. Every year there are 14.6 million plastic surgeries performed, but only one stood out. Angelina Jolie, of course known for her acting and beauty, has billions of fans but how far is one actually willing to go? Sahar Tabar, AKA the zombie, had surgery fifty times to look like Angelina Jolie, receiving many cruel comments. Or so people thought.

Before Sahar went viral, she was a 19 year old Iranian teenage model with brown hair and brown eyes. She had claimed to have received many operations, while losing eighty eight pounds to obtain a thin frame, getting her well over half a million followers on her Instagram page @sahartabar_official where she shares pictures of her transformation. Her appearance shocked thousands and increased her instagram followers drastically. However, observations of photoshop began being noticed.  She also caught the eyes of Salzhauer, the chief surgeon at Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery in Miami.  “The lips look overfilled with filler and she has also likely had a ‘lip lift’ procedure to turn her lip up and show more vermillion, [which is] the red part of the lip,” he said, claiming she should get help as soon as possible. “Most of the other distortion is from anorexia,” he said. “She clearly has protein deficiency, which causes the hollowing out of the temporal areas and cheeks—which gives a ‘skeleton’ look.” Moreover, as Sahar’s posts increased, so did her more “natural” selfies. Her nose appeared more ordinary, meaning that she could’ve used filter for some pictures. It wasn’t until receiving many critics, that Sahar spoke out claiming that it was just entertainment.  “Now I can see that I have something in common with (Angelina Jolie), but I amuse myself, and to look like someone is not my goal,” Sahar told Sputnik. It appears that looking like Angelina Jolie was just a coincidence. Rather than a result of surgery or drastic weight loss, Sahar used makeup and computer effects to create her look. She later posted on her instagram, "Hello relatively dear followers, the picture that you're scrutinising, even though I didn't like it, I kept it in ... I must say I only had [indeterminate number of] surgery, not 50 surgeries, and foreign sites and channels were very biased in the way they talked about my photos. I thought these people are probably living in the 18th century and they haven't seen or heard of technology or makeup and they are really surprised." Her words confused many people especially when the little joke was taken seriously by so many people when her instagram selfies went viral.
Nonetheless, even after speaking out, people have still been criticizing her, creating many fake instagram accounts and websites. It had gotten to the point, where, according to newsweek, it drove Sahar into creating a new instagram, making it private, and changing her name. Yet Sahar’s youtube account includes titles went from  “I’m prettier than Angelina Jolie- she wants to look like me now,” “I am Sahar Tabar. I love Angelina Jolie. I am not zombie girl,” to “LEAVE ME ALONE I’M NOT ZOMBIE GIRL- CAN’T STOP CRYING!” and “I’M ANGRY AND SAD AND CRYING.” Eventually, sahar retreated back from the public eye,becoming invisible, social media wise.

Although Sahar Tabar denies the allegations of receiving plastic surgery to look like her idol, she is still being faced with many harmful words. Luckily, the judging opinions being shot at her are beginning to diminish as she changed her name and instagram. It is clear though, that the pressure of the destructive comments eventually caused Sahar to step out and claim that the comments about her plastic surgeries were false.

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