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Mad Scientist

December 14, 2009
By Cambo BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Cambo BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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“If you ever have children they will be arriving in the short bus”, laughter springs at Mrs. Jenkins’ response to the wrong answer. One of many of her replies to incorrect answers, lack of answers and other acts of stupidity. Her wit and sarcasm never fails to make laugh, including the ones it is directed at, and become more attentive in her chemistry class.

Her words are chosen to motivate the recipients to do the work and do it right. However, do not believe that Mrs. Jenkins made any of the assignments or tests improbably easy. As long as one took notes, did the assignments and studied, her class becomes easier. She also had “The Pink Sheet”, elements which students are required to memorize before she gives the test over it. Mrs. Jenkins also makes sure her students have the sheet memorized with tests that are accumulative.

She is funny, witty and even a little scary. Mrs. Jenkins appears mean but, she makes chemistry a fun class to be in. Her assignments and labs are simple enough and fun to do. One day Mrs. Jenkins took the class into the lab area and showed everyone the reaction of sodium in warm water. She put small pieces of sodium in until one was of sufficient size to very briefly catch on fire. And one of our last assignments was to create a wanted poster of a famous scientist. Mrs. Jenkins is not as compassionate as other teachers but, she is among the best teachers that students will ever have (and probably fear).

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