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Senora Blashke-Spanish III

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

With all the stress from school, it is hard to think it's ever enjoyable. However, my perception changed my junior year when I had the most energetic, positive, and caring teacher. Her name was Senora Blashke and she was my Spanish III teacher. Senora didn't care if you had an A in the class or if you were failing; she treated everyone the same. Everyday I came to class, she had something new to do and she always made it pleasurable, even if it wasn't the most exciting topic. Her passion for teaching was so strong that she made me feel like I enjoyed Spanish as much as she did. When I'm in Senora's room, her liveliness and smile make me so happy that there is no way I could be in a bad mood. Her passion for teaching, her kindness, and her personality are all reasons why I am nominating her for Educator of the Year.

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