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Educator of the year

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

I am writing about the best teacher I have ever had, Mr. Michael Williamson of Arrowhead High School. He is like one of us because he is so chill and doesn't yell. He jokes around with everyone, but still teaches what needs to be taught. He also tells stories about his life before teaching.
Even if you are not the best student he still jokes around with you and doesn't just ignore you. He seems like a normal person and I think that is good because then he doesn't act like because he got an education, he is better than us. He taught us in ways that we wanted to learn.
He was focused on us learning AND having fun. He actually tries to find time for you to make up work you missed without you having to come after school.
He also did stuff at the beginning of class just to suck us into the rest of the day, like make us laugh.
We had so many good conversations on stuff and everyone was in the conversion. Like we had a long conversation about why we have to do homework and it lasted almost the whole period. He would show us more modern day movies that show the same picture as those old ones, except they were more appealing to us. If we asked for a movie that was relatively good for the topic, then he would think about it and not just be like, 'No.' I actually remember stuff from his class.

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