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The Way You Walk

January 29, 2009
By Haley Monahan BRONZE, Erie, Pennsylvania
Haley Monahan BRONZE, Erie, Pennsylvania
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Every Monday through Friday at approximately 11:30 AM I take my seat in Mrs. Clear's Language Arts class. I chat with the brown haired girl that sits next to me until Mrs. Clear enters the room. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they walk, and the same goes for Mrs. Clear. Her walk is confident, determined, and fast paced. Mrs. Clear's march isn't the only thing I appreciate about her.

On the first day of school Mrs. Clear made sure to put the fear of God into my class. We were told that any form of intolerance or prejudice was in no means acceptable! Any bias jokes or hurtful phrases would have serious consequences. When she relayed this to us it was different than if another teacher had. Mrs. Clear made us see why it was wrong; she made us see how it could make us bad people. She isn't afraid of what other people see of her. What other persons think is not important to her; Mrs. Clear only cares about how she sees herself. She makes me want to be a good person and speak my mind.

If it wasn't for Mrs. Clear I wouldn't have even found this website. After writing a short story for her class, she approached me with paper after paper of writing websites. Even though I was thankful to her for finding me the websites, it wasn't the websites that touched me the most. It was the enthusiasm she expressed for me and my future. Even though I am a decent writer there are not words to express my gratitude and respect for my 8th grade Language Arts teacher. Here is to you Mrs. Clear, thank you for being my inspiration.

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