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Mrs. Bender

January 30, 2009
By Fayth.G PLATINUM, Boise, Idaho
Fayth.G PLATINUM, Boise, Idaho
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I would like to nominate Mrs. Bender for the teacher of the year because she does everything she can to help us succeed. She tries to make the lessons fun by having a game that has to do with the lesson. Mrs. Bender should be teacher of the year!

She is not good with names so at the beginning of the year she made little jokes to remember our names like for Karmyn she remembers her name by remembering a car full of men. Everyone liked the first couple of days of reading, but when we started the work my classmates did not like reading. Reading is not that hard for me because of the games she makes. We played games like bingo and basketball to help us remember the reading concepts. All of my teachers told me that seventh grade reading is hard, but since Mrs. Bender makes it fun it is easy.

Mrs. Bender encourages us to read, and when we read a book we write the name of the book on the big piece of paper on the wall. For every book we read we get a ticket. The ticket goes in a drawing and we could win a free book or something else. All of the classes have read a total of two hundred and seventy- seven books.

Mrs. Bender rewards us when we get a ninety percent or better on homework or class work. If we all get better than a ninety percent she will give us pencils or she will give us a free class time. During the free class time we can draw, play games, and read.

I think that Mrs. Bender should win the teacher of the year. She has been an amazing teacher the past semester. Mrs. Bender is my favorite teacher I have ever had.

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