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My Newfound Greatness in Math and the Awesome Guy Who Teaches It

January 27, 2009
By NoRefunds SILVER, Boise, Idaho
NoRefunds SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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There are a lot of educators that I see each day, but I am most happy first period in math. Last year, math was like a chore for me. I hated it, even though I was good at it, and I went out of my way just to avoid doing it. I'd had a few bad experiences with math teachers in the past, and was hoping with all my might that this one would be different. Obviously, someone was listening to my silent prayer, because I wound up with probably the coolest teacher I've ever had, even if he does teach algebra.
Mr. Bastian doesn't just show us kids how to do math; he teaches it to us. This may sound odd, but I had yet to meet a math teacher I could actually understand before I came into his class. Maybe it's the happy and energetic way he presents new material, or maybe it's how encouraging he is to his students. Anyway, this guy is great; he makes sure we get it. His ?less homework for the kids? motto is nice to.
It's amazing how fun math seems to me now. I actually wake up in the morning looking foreword to first period. I really enjoy how Mr. Bastian adds a little spontaneity to the day, just little things, like telling us stories and letting us listen to music while we work. I can't forget the time he had us call his Grandmother on the phone and sing Happy Birthday to her on speakerphone. We could hear her laughing back while she thanked us for the surprise. His class is never boring, that?s for sure, and he always finds some way to make schoolwork a little more appealing.
On the matter of interest, I just hate it when a teacher doesn't like the subject they're teaching; it ruins it for the whole class. I don't think that's ever been a problem with Mr. Bastian, as every day he shows more and more just how much he loves what he does. He always seems hyper when he's teaching?not necessarily a bad thing??and passes that on to his students. The overall enthusiasm of the class is pretty good, except on Mondays, and sometimes even those can be fun.
Out of all of the teachers in my life, one stands out among the rest. He?s awesome and friendly and I am totally lucky to have him. This teacher, I do believe, deserves the nomination of Educator of the Year. Mr. Bastian has made a great difference in my life at home and at school, whether he knows it or not.

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