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Math Actually Made Fun

January 30, 2009
By Anonymous

I think the best teacher would have to be Mr. Eiguren. And that?s why I want to nominate him for the Best Junior High/High School Educator award. When I first met him, I was a little nervous. But then again, who isn?t?! But after awhile, I think I was probably his favorite student! ...Or not.

When you first see him, your first impression might be, "He looks like the stereotypical geeky, monotonous, nag-you-off-your-nut drill sergeant of a teacher". But I?ll tell you, you?re DEAD WRONG! He is by far, one of the most awesome and coolest teachers in the school. He doesn?t shove you in the right direction with no help whatsoever. He slowly guides you, like a Seeing Eye dog to its master. If you need help with math, you talk to this guy, not Mr. Hoetker. He isn?t a math teacher.

Mr. Eiguren, for those out of the loop, has glasses, black hair, and usually wears a funny tie (except on Friday) and he?s a bit taller than Mr. H. I am proud to say I learned from Mr. Eiguren. Now, let me show you a classic Mr. E. moment. A kid in 1st period asked Mr. Eiguren about something and all he said was, ?Cole, stop talking.? That seems to be a catchphrase for him nowadays.

Once again, and for the final time, Mr. Eiguren is my favorite teacher EVER?. When it comes to math. And once again, I nominated him for the Best Junior High/High School Educator award.

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