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The Titan

February 15, 2009
By Cambo BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Cambo BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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For Teacher of the Year I vote for Mrs. Bell. She is head of high school English department and teaches mostly seniors. She assists her teachers when and if they need with some help full advice for their study plans. Sherri Lee, as one of brothers and his friends called her, always lets her seniors know how to contact if they need aid with one of at least fifty essay assignments they are working on.

However, I am in her one and only junior class this year (ah, a cruel joke) and as her youngest child I receive no special treatment. I have to write as many papers as my class and they are graded just as strictly if not more so. When getting essays back you will likely find that it is drowned in a sea of purple or green ink and marked with corrections and comments. The seniors are in the same boat but it is much worse for them. In her class she tries to set a college standard without going over board and frying the brains of the seniors.

I've talked to a few of Sherri Lee's previous students and while none of them love the class or the amount of work given, they all love her. After all at some point of teaching Beowulf she plays with dolls (He-man vs. Rancor) and for all of her classes Sherri Lee acts like a crazy person, well that's how I see it. In fact most if not all of her students would do almost anything to help her.

Currently she is fighting to keep Pillars of the Earth from being banned in our school district. She has the district's teachers and many of her seniors, past and present, on her side of the debate. For now the argument is stalled but neither side is willing to back down, Sherri Lee least of all.

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