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Dear Mythbusters

December 23, 2018
By Starlight282 SILVER, Plover, Wisconsin
Starlight282 SILVER, Plover, Wisconsin
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Dear Mythbusters,

I have been wanting to write this letter for seven years, ever since I started watching Mythbusters. When I was eight, my parents started watching this strange show where they said words that I didn't yet understand, but did things that amazed me. These fearless people climbed down building, exploded dumptrucks, and dresses in ridiculous costumes. I learned that science could be fun, that scientists could be hilarious, and about Newton's Laws long before I truly understood them. I saw that women could be great scientists, and that the scientific method was a way that I could discover everything around me. I learned that nerds could meet presidents, and that duck tape is one of the most amazing materials in the universe. Now, I'm a high schooler who dreams of being a computer software engineer, embarasses my Dad by dressing up at gaming conventions, and tries to apply the scientific method to anything that seems dubious. If it weren't for that day seven years ago when I started watching Mythbusters, I don't think I would ever have begun as science obsessed as I am now. So, thank you Adam, Kari, Jamie, Grant, and Tori, for many a night of myths well and completely busted.

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