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April 4, 2009
By Kaity.. SILVER, Elliston, Virginia
Kaity.. SILVER, Elliston, Virginia
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I don't know about you but my mom has always always always been there for me, and as much as I hate to say it I have't really always been very thankful for her effert.Its hard especially at this age to admit that are parents are in charge wether we like it or not theres going to be some sort of rule or boundry you just can't cross.they love us of course but they just won't budge when it comes to going to see that R rated movie, or lisening to that certin song that you love but they can't love them and you know it... sometimes I think about those poor kids that have crap for parents. and then i feel sorry for the parents who miss out on their childrens lives.. because if you love kids the way i do everyone of them deserve a mom and a dad to love them the way you would want to be love or do want to be loved..I have a pretty hard life sometimes I cant stop crying but I know that somewhere out there some child looking for love has it worse then I do

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