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June 29, 2009
By nessa_1121 SILVER, Harwich, Massachusetts
nessa_1121 SILVER, Harwich, Massachusetts
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My hero is all the Firefighters in America. When you think about it firefighters risk their lives for us everyday. My dad is a firefighter at the OFD and my mom is a secratary at the HFD. So to say i know a little bit about the medical field is an understatement. I've grown up around both fire departments. I love it. I hope to be a firefighter when i grow up. NOw as much as i love it it also can get a little annoying sometimes. For example instead of having one dad and one mom, i have tons of dads and moms. No matter where i go someone knows me. In a way it makes me feel safe that if i ever need help there are tons of people i can call but it also gets annoying. When i just want to be with my friends i hvae someone asking me a ton of questions. Don't even get me started on the whole boy thing! But in the end i still love it. They are truly my biggest heros. So many have died fighting for us. Imagine dying because you were trying to save someones life that you didn't even know. THat's why they are my biggest heros. When i grow up i wnat to be one because i like making a difference and helping people out, even if i don't know them. So please take time the next time you see a firfighter to thank them for what they do. Thank you

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My inspiration was my dad and my mom

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