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What's ahead is now behind

October 3, 2007
By sammi borders, Park City, UT

What's ahead is now behind
Dedicated to my best friend Kara Johnson

The rain pours down
As I walk through the door
The dark alley makes my heart beat f a s t e r
Walking alone threw all the traps
I am wondering if I should stop
Everything we've been through
Everything we have done
I don't want to quit
I wanna finish for you
All the lies that i've told
All the jokes i've heard
I want you here
Besides me through everything I do
I don't want to make the same mistake
Show me the way
To my great future
Show me what's ahead of me
So I can be succesful like you
I think i'm almost there
I can see the light
Stay with me
I can't look back
For the mistakes I made
Thanks for a helping hand

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