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Beauty of the Heart

March 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Beautiful. What does that word mean to you? When someone is described as beautiful, is it because their face is un-blemished or their hair is glossy? Often times we forget that true beauty is in the heart. Joy, grace, and humbleness are a few attributes of true beauty. While it’s hard to pick out someone’s internal beauty, it’s even harder to have internal beauty. My mother has mastered the trick. Over the years, she has been a mother, mentor, and friend to me. In my times of difficulty she is there to listen if I need to talk to her. She punishes me to make me a better person, and I learn hard lessons from those punishments. She plays with us when we want to play, and teaches us when we need taught. She expresses her faith in a way that wants me to express mine, too. In small things, like making a good dinner or being patient when we are grouchy, she exemplifies beauty in a contagious way. And just like a beautiful face can have faults, so can a beautiful character. But hey, that’s what makes her all the more beautiful!

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