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my hero an Australian soldier

July 30, 2011
By dark-angel BRONZE, Allanson Collie, Other
dark-angel BRONZE, Allanson Collie, Other
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What is the meaning of the word hero? The dictionary states that the meaning is a person of a distinguished courage or ability, who is admired for their brave, deeds and noble qualities. Most people look up to film stars. But very few people would think about the people who protect us each and every day is a hero most people would not even give them the time of day to realise that they are heroes. The everyday heroes are the cops, the ambulance drivers who drive as fast as the can in the law to get to you when you are in trouble, you have the doctors, the nurse, the surgeons who also spend their day and nights work to save lives. Everyone remembers them because you see them nearly every day, but no one seems to remember about the people in the army, air force and the navel they fight to keep us all safe at night in our beds at home but do we respect them as well as we should not because it does not matter what they do people still do not respect them. Most of them leave their families for months on end and have no idea if they will make it home to them at the end of their deployment.

But I do my hero is not some big famous actor or singer. My hero is someone much closer to home for me, he is a soldier is the Australian army. He has two nieces and three nephews. Even though I can’t see him every day I know he misses us he lives away from us with his wife you never know if you will see them for Christmas or not.

I remember his second deployment to Afghanistan over a year ago now; yes he went to east Timor when I was younger and served for a bit there. It was hard to know he had left the country for the second time to go to Afghanistan. His job takes him all over the world for training he has trained with the United States Special Forces. He is one of the few who can call in air attacks he is one of the men at the front he does not have many people who are with him he is well ahead of the front line he is the man who is on the radio calling in the air attacks he has worked with the Americans, the British. On his second deployment he was sent as he was only one three who could do his job after his deployment he was asked to train more people to do his job and that is what is doing to this day.

He inspires me to do my best each and every day. So I can be just like him only not on the front line as they won’t let a female go out there yet. But I am inspired to do my best in school to make him proud of me when I am older.

You know how I said he has two nieces and three nephews. Well I am his eldest niece and it is my uncle who is my hero. He is the reason when people ask me what I want to do when I leave school I reply I want to go to the royal military academy Duntroon to become an officer in the Australian army one day.

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Alice_C SILVER said...
on Sep. 8 2011 at 1:35 pm
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Amazing I have a brother who just got back. Thanks for writing this. The only thing I would change is cleaning up your paragraphs. You jump around a bit. In my eyes.