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My Guardian Angel

April 1, 2008
By Anonymous

You Let Me Know You Love Me
You let me know you love me
In so many different ways.
You make me feel important
With encouragement and praise.

You're always there when I need you
To comfort and to care.
I know I'm in your thoughts;
Your love follows me everywhere.

Thank you for all you've done
And given so generously.
I love you, my wonderful mother;
You're a heaven-sent blessing to me.
By Joanna Fuchs

The person who has influenced my life the most is my mother. She has always been there for me through the thick and thin. The way that my mother has really pushed me is by letting me do different things to find out who I want to be in life. When I was a little kid I probably tried every sport imaginable. My mother never gave up on me finding a sport I might like; she was continually signing me up for new sports and driving me all around the world. Even though I never found a sport that I loved or was good at she never regretted pushing me to do new things.
My mother has also challenged me to grow spiritually. She was continually putting me in Sunday school at church, sent me to private school my whole life, and just putting it into my everyday night. Every night before I go to bed she will always say, “Say your prayers and thank God for all he has done for you.” That reminder every night helps me to know that God is always in my life even when things are bad. Every time my mother comes back from bible study she always telling me what they talked about and how I should use it to apply to my life. I don’t know where I would be if my mother hadn’t challenged me more to put God in my life.
I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. But my mother has been the solid stone who has kept me grounded, showed me my morals, and allowed me to make the best of myself. Next year is going to be really hard since I will be away at college and wont have her there all the time to go to when I need help. Even though she will only a phone call away it’s not the same of coming home and having that comfort that she is there for me. I don’t know what I would of done without her in my life she has been the guardian angle who has carried me through the good and the bad.
When my dad and step mom got divorced, which was really hard since I was so close to my step mom, my mother was there every step of the way telling me that everything will be ok. She made sure that I didn’t fall or ruin any relationships that I did have with my dad.
My mother will always be the one person who I will turn to and the one person who will be my guardian angel in my life.

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