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Edison, just the man of light?

February 7, 2012
By Swims.M.V. GOLD, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Swims.M.V. GOLD, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Thomas Edison is my hero because of the special type of person for example he had a hearing loss, like myself, he was a child of many talents and incredibly smart, also he had an eye for inventions. Thomas Edison suffered a genetic hearing loss which then turned into something worse. He also loved mathematics, engineering, and physics, he went to a traditional school for not but, 3 months. Thomas Edison also invented a great deal of things that make the modern day. Thomas Edison was an amazing man who I wish I could live up to.
Thomas Edison grew with a hearing loss, like me, which makes me have high respect for him because of this he is my hero. When Edison was a boy he worked on a train where he kept many of his chemicals but, one day a stick of phosphorus lit everything on fire in result the conductor struck Edison in the head, which may have caused his hearing loss to worsen. This makes Edison my hero because we both suffered a hearing loss but he went far otherwise. Also Edison didn’t give up his work even for the accident he suffered. As well, Edison was given the chance to restore his hearing but he declined the offer because he didn’t want to learn in a louder environment than he was use to. This makes Edison my hero because I am able to understand why he didn’t take the operation and I believe he would’ve understood me. Also Edison was so committed to his work and not worried about his hearing, which makes him a dedicated man. In addition Edison soon became completely deaf in his left ear and 80% deaf in his right ear. This makes Edison my hero because he knew he could make it, all he’d miss were the singing birds. In other words Thomas Edison is my hero because he was able to do so much with his life even with a severe hearing loss.

Thomas Edison had an amazing talent when learning even if he was a boy with, in our time would have been considered, ADHD. For example after Edison was pulled out of school he relied on the library for most of his knowledge. This makes him my hero because he inspires me to not depend on other people but my recourses. Also, I am a big reader so I wonder if I am capable of the way he learned and more, I want to be capable of learning his way. As well, Edison’s parents hired a tutor because of his desire to always understand the question, “why?” This makes Edison my hero because he questioned everything, always trying to define the laws of physics, like me, always thinking “but, what if?” As well, he didn’t except the norm, he wanted more than someone just saying yes or no, he needed explanations. In addition, Edison’s previous knowledge he, Benjamin Breeding and Alexander Bell created the first two way long distance telephone, Edison was only 21. This makes Edison my hero because he proved; with hard work and help from others amazing things can come from thin air. Also Edison was able to keep going after many fails. In other words Thomas Edison used his knowledge so well, he was so smart and his background would soon help him.

In addition Thomas Edison is my hero because he was a large part of inventing the modern day. For example, he created the first commercially practical incandescent light bulb in 1879. This makes him my hero because everybody knows who invented the electric light; he made a good name for himself. Also he is the man that shaped modern civilization with electric light. As well, he created the first generator of electric light, heat, and power from 1883-1884. Edison not only created the eclectic light but a way to harness and distribute it so that he could create his community and the world. Also even though he started his work young he was still working at age 36. In addition, he created the first silent film in 1904. This makes Edison my hero because he not only created the machine but a 10 minute video clip while trying to add sound. Also without his inventions things would have been laid off for a few years. In other words Edison shaped our lives he, in my eyes, is the greatest inventor of his years.

In other words Thomas Edison is my hero because we share the fact that we both had a hearing loss, also he was incredibly smart even though he learned differently, and he invented my world. Edison showed me that even though you’ve got a hearing loss, or any problem, it shouldn’t stop you from doing amazing things. Also, he didn’t learn normally but he turned out to be a great and famous inventor, he is a man telling me anything can happen. In addition he invented things that have impacted us today. Finally Edison is my hero and should mean something to everyone, he isn’t just the man of light he is the man of modern life.


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I hope that people will be able to understand who Thomas Edison is after reading this because he did so much more than invent the light bulb.

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