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There Are Several Influential People in My Life

December 14, 2007
By Anonymous

There are several influential people in my life. However, Bethany, a mentor of mine, would be who I consider to be my biggest role model. She always seems to give the right advice I need in any situation. She has also become what I would consider to be a very close friend. As well as someone who will always be there for me in anytime of need.
Bethany started mentoring me when I was in seventh grade. She was a junior in high school when she began leading my seventh grade bible study, called CORE. She was close to all the girls in the group. However, I truly believe God placed her, in that moment of my life, to allow me the chance to have a friend to look up to. I remember looking at her and thinking of how pretty she was, inside and out, and how I wanted to grow up to be just like her. Bethany has talked and prayed with me about many things over the years, such as: Friend problems, boys, deaths that had occurred. She never seemed to get annoyed by me, which I appreciate. Because she treated me with such kindness and love I am now able to be a mentor to other young girls. Also, by watching her go through high school I know how to at least deal with different troubles because I watched her deal with the same things herself.
We became such good sisters and friends in Christ, that we still have a close friendship. This year a great deal of my close friends will be graduating and beginning a new chapter in their lives. It is really hard to think about not being able to be with them all the time. But Recently, Bethany and I met to talk and pray and she began to share with me instances in her past: graduating, leaving friends and her boyfriend. She reassured me to trust in Christ and his plan for my life. Not only can she give me advice, but I have a true example from watching her, that it all turned out ok for her, so there is no need to worry. She has taught me to “Be where I’m at right now” and live each day to the fullest.

I’m thankful for someone who cares about me enough to take time to mentor me through life’s troubles. She has influenced me, in a variety of ways but mainly to become a better person each day by living my life for the lord. I will forever be grateful.

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