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April 11, 2008
By Anonymous

My mother has always been here for me, and I thank her for that. My mom is my hero, but in this story we are each other’s heroes.

When I was four years old I saved my mother's life. It was a little after noon when I got home from preschool and asked if I could go outside and play. My mom really didn’t like the idea of it, because she wasn’t feeling well, so I stayed inside and watched television with her. When my mom got up to go to the bathroom I saw her grab a chair because she was feeling dizzy. Then I watched her fall and hit her head on the chair. Her eyes were closed but she was breathing, so I called 911.

I was on the phone with the communications specialist telling him that my mommy’s eyes were closed but she was breathing. I had to stay on the phone with the policeman until the ambulance arrived at my house. When the ambulance got to my house, I let them in. I knew not to let strangers in, but they were here to help my Mom, so I let them in.

Everyone was amazed by ability to convey information to the communications specialist. I was my mom’s hero because I saved her life by calling 911, but my mom’s my hero because she’s the one that taught me how to dial 911. My favorite show was Rescue 911, so I learned a lot of things off of that show.

I was the toast of my class the next morning. A lot of people came in to congratulate me, but I was too shy to talk about it. I’m very proud of myself that at such a young age I knew exactly what to do in a situation like that. My mother is thankful that I did what I had to do to save her life. I’m very glad I did what I did at such a young age, because if I lost my mother I wouldn’t know what to do.

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