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By Anonymous

     The person who has had the greatest impacton my life, without a doubt, is my father. He is truly one of the mostremarkable people I have ever met and works hard running a truckingbusiness. He is kind, sincere and honorable and will do and giveanything to provide us with a good lifestyle. He always finds time tospend with us, whether playing basketball or asking about ourday.

My father immigrated to this country from Greece for abetter life. At the beginning, he worked as a truck driver, but afteryears of hard work and endless persistence, he established his owncompany. My dad truly lives the American dream by coming to the land ofopportunity and creating a business he can call his own.

I cannotremember a time when my father was not here for me. He has always foundtime to help me with homework or to study for tests. He has steered meaway from gangs and drugs by getting me involved in soccer. EverySunday, he takes us all to church, because he says without God, he wouldnever be where he is today.

My dad has taught me about hardwork, and to honor and care for others. By going to work with him, Ihave seen how hard he works. He has shown me how to treat people withtolerance and respect by the way he talks to others. He has said thatcaring for others will show your character and benefit you as a person.These good examples will make me an honorable person insociety.

Stavros K. has pushed me toward having asuccessful and rewarding life. He has advised me to finish schoolworkneatly and accurately, and always to study for exams. My dad hasencouraged me to be involved in athletics like soccer andextracurricular activities like the National Honor Society. Because ofhis guidance, I will work hard toward a rewarding and successfulfuture.

The wisdom and guidance that my father has given me willhelp me greatly. He has taught me values that will help me do well incollege and in life. The only way that I can honestly think to repay myfather for all he has done for me is to build a successful life formyself, and contribute to society. I hope some day I can be the type offather that he is to me.

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i love this so much!