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By Anonymous

     When I was drowning within myself, my hero rescued me. She is trulyan angel and I think was sent to set my soul free. Though she has faced many struggles herself, shemade sure that my life was filled with joy and laughter. She was my foundation when the rest of theworld turned away. For some reason, she could always find me when I tried to hide beneath theshadows of my insecurities. There were many times when she was right and I didn’t listen. Shecould have said, “I told you so,” but instead she would smile and assure me that thingswould be okay.

My hero Whitney is always honest with me even though the truth might hurt.She always reminds me that it is for my own good. We share a sisterly bond that nothing could tearapart.

I must admit that I’m not always the greatest friend and I can even be acomplete idiot. Yet, she always forgives me. I’ve been crushed time after time, but Whitneyhelps me be even better than before. When my heart was broken, she showed me a love that youcan’t find in the arms of a man. She showed me the love of myself and love of life.

Ihated the skin I was in and I used to hate feeling like I was trapped in this life of a stranger.She would say, “You’re one of the most gorgeous black girls I’ve ever seen, sodon’t let anyone make you feel less.” Those words were so encouraging and will staywith me for life. I spent many years trying to discover myself and where I belong. She led me inthe right direction and I cannot thank her enough. I’ve had so many inspirations and dreamsthat I almost gave up on but she’d cuss me out, which made me quickly change mymind.

Any hour of any day, I knew that I could depend on her. She heard my every call; shecould see my emotion and pain when she looked into my eyes. I held no secrets from her. When I wasdown to my last nerve, she was the one to bring me back to life. She never gave up on me and Iswear on everything that I love, I’ll never give up on her. People look at her and are quickto judge, often missing the beautiful spirit inside of her.

Honestly, if I could, I wouldtake her pain on myself. I would deliver her from all the evil that causes her world to tilt upsidedown. I would be her strength to press through on her long miserable journey. I have to be thevoice to speak of her kindness and generosity because that’s the least I owe myhero.

She’s not your ordinary, imaginative hero. She can’t fly because she mightfall. She doesn’t have magical powers. One thing I know, though, is that if she did fall, shewould pick herself back up. If she did have magical powers, she would change the world for thebetter.

I want to thank my hero for saving me and capturing the person I was meant to be. Iwill cherish her memory for all time. I hope that one day I can return the favor. I know she willread this, so my guardian angel, yes, I’m speaking to you. My hero, my best friend, myguardian angel, my heart, I will always love you for who you are. Thanks for saving me.

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i love this so much!