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By Anonymous

   Have you ever thought about one of your parents dying? I have. I've also had to cope with the fact that one or both of my parents could have died.

Two yearsago we found out my dad had polycystic kidneys. I wasn't sure at the time what itwas, but I knew it was awful. We thought about dialysis, but it was too risky,and he would have had to go to the hospital three times a week. We decided on akidney transplant, but the waiting list was way too long - he needed a kidneyimmediately.

My mom, not knowing what to expect, decided to test her bloodtype to see if maybe, just maybe, she could give a kidney to my dad. We were verynervous waiting for my mom to come home. Just when we couldn't stand the suspenseany more, my mom arrived with a smile.

"We're a match!" shesaid. I thought I would burst into tears, I was so happy, but I was also worried.What if something went wrong? What would happen? I was terrified!

We hadto wait a few months before they performed the actual operation. As the big dayapproached, I couldn't control myself. When my mother would try to talk to meabout the surgery, I would run to my room crying.

"Kansas, it isokay. Everything will be all right," she told me. She had just finishedtalking about the surgery and as always, I was hysterical.

"Why doyou have to have the surgery? What if something happens to you or Dad? I wouldn'tbe able to handle it," I said.

"It will be okay. Nothing willhappen. You'll see," she comforted.

But what if something does? Ialways thought. All I could really do was hope and pray they would besafe.

When the surgery finally happened, I was petrified. How could mymom be this courageous and risk her life for her family, even though she loved usso much? I probably wouldn't even be able to give blood. I was miserable. I hadtwo parents going into surgery! Who knew what could happen? I was trembling withfear. As the day went by - very slowly - I was relieved when the hospital called.They were both doing okay! I beamed and couldn't wait to see them.

After aweek in the hospital, my mom finally came home. I was standing in the presence ofa person who didn't look or feel her best, and was a hero for sure. I felthonored to be her daughter.

My mom didn't want her children to grow upwith just one parent. I'm so blessed to have a parent like her! She has taught meto stand strong for my family. I want to be exactly like her. She loves herfamily so much she would risk her life. I hope I can be that strong as I getolder!

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i love this so much!