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A Noteworthy Character

December 7, 2008
By Sarah Ball BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
Sarah Ball BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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For some people, they are able to stroll into a place and automatically light up the whole room with either their smile or personality. For my best friend, Chris H., not only does his brownish red hair light up even the darkest corners of the room, but his light-hearted, comical spirit brings tear-jerking hysteria to those present in the room. However, Chris’ humorous, sarcastic jokes are not what define him as a “cool” kid. Better yet, Chris’ determination, compassion, and trustworthy nature are all characteristics that cause him to be adored, highly respected, and labeled as cool by many.
Chris’ determination to live his life to the fullest and to overcome the depression produced by the loss of his father has caused many to view him as a role model. Besides his ability to persevere even when the going gets tough, his compassionate nature towards others labels him a considerate friend as well as a kindhearted boyfriend. Chris is definitely not a fair-weathered friend because he is always there for his friends and his girlfriend. If someone needs a ride, is emotionally unbalanced and needs to let out a few words, or just needs a helping hand, Chris is there without a second to waste. Also, Chris protects those he cares about and lets none slander their name, and his savoir-faire enables him to know exactly how to act and what to say in various situations; thus, a handful of people go to Chris for advice. Moreover, Chris’ ability to keep people’s secrets renders him a very trustworthy person who is highly respected. Overall, Chris’ qualities resemble the qualities of a good-natured spirit; therefore, Chris is a TRUE FRIEND.
On the whole, Chris’ fun-loving personality and his lively humor, along with his admirable characteristics, which are the following: determination, compassion, and trustworthy nature, all provide the basis for him to be labeled a “cool” kid.

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