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Grandpa Is My Hero

January 25, 2018
By Eburr SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Eburr SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Whenever I am sick my grandpa lets me go to his house and makes me feel better by cheering me up. He is always cheering people up with his funny jokes and quick remarks. This explains why I’ll be talking about him in my speech. He is my hero because of what he has taught me, which would be to be grateful, happiness, and to “do what you want to do in your life”.


My first topic is on how my grandpa has always taught me to be grateful for your family and everything you receive. My grandfather’s parents were divorced. Then his dad died shortly after. But, he wasn’t very close to his dad so he was grateful for his mom. He always taught me to use my manners when I would like  receive a gift or food because that meant I was grateful for what I had received. I also got taught always be grateful for your family because they might not be there tomorrow. Lastly my grandpa taught me to be grateful to go to school and play sports because there is kids that aren’t able to do everything I am able to do. That's why I am grateful for my grandpa. Which leads me into my Grandpa’s happiness stories that cheers everyone up.


The next topic my grandpa has taught me is happiness. When I am sick my grandpa cheers me up by grabbing the peanut jar. Then  starts throwing the peanuts at me; which leads to, peanuts everywhere and a very ferocious grandma. I remember that when my mom and dad where going through a rough time. My mom would go hangout with her old man and she would come back and not be as upset anymore as she was.  My grandpa Dave had a dog that I was very connected to and then it had died in a car crash, so he told me old stories about her that made everything seem normal again.This explains how my grandpa can bring happiness to anyone or anything. Next, I’ll be talking about how my grandpa always told us to ”make sure you do what's happy for yourself.”


  Finally my grandpa has always told me to do what I want in life and don’t regret it. Here are some stories he told me that shows how he did what he wanted to do in his life. When my grandpa was a youngster he was always getting into some mischief so his mom threatened him that if he didn’t get better he would get shipped to military school. My Grandpa pulled pranks on his classmates, like the one time these two girls wanted to join his ghost club, so they met at the cemetery and hid in one of the open graves and scared the girls to death. My grandpa was a busy man right out of high school. He got shipped overseas to fight in the vietnam war. Then he came back from war, married my grandma ,and had my uncle and mom. While working at the Malt house, then he worked for the school and decided he had had enough so he retired. My grandpa personally taught me in life to get the job I want and make good money,  so I won’t end up poor. He also taught me that you need to marry someone who cares about you. Lastly my grandpa taught me to not regret what you do in life because you aren’t here very long and time goes by quick.  This is how he has taught me to live my life the way I want.

This is why my grandpa is my hero because he taught me to be grateful, that everything can be about happiness, but always to do what I want in life and don’t regret one minute of it. This is why my grandpa is my hero.My grandpa has always been a person seeking for laughter from people that goes to show where I get it from. I hope me and my grandpa will always be close so I can always call him my hero.

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