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My grandma

April 15, 2009
By Anonymous

My Grandma will be 75 in May. She was born in Eastern Kentucky, educates in the Bluegrass area and lived her whole married life in Louisville. She had three children. Her and Granddad have been married for over 55 years. Gran loves to spend time with her family and friends and is really good with computers. She also, spends her Winters in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and a lot of her Summers at the Lake house.

Question: What was it like growing up in Whitesburg, KY?
Answer: “Growing up in Whitesburg, a small town, was slow, quiet, and intimate. One movie house as opposed to a theater. Three protestant churches. One elementary school and one high school. Most the people were not in the high income bracket. Most jobs were in the coal mines. During the time I grew up, there was no televisions or computers so we had to be inventive for our recreation. We took long group bike rides, went on picnics, and had parties on the weekends in our homes.”

Question: What was boarding school like? Did you like it?
Answer: “At first I didn't like boarding school because I missed my family and my freedom. I was introduced to living under house rules for a large group and being responsible for a lot of things that had previously been done for me. I had to do my own laundry, change my own sheets, and keep my own room clean. But, it met some people who have remained friends till this present day. That's over 58 years! I was expected to do things at the same time as everyone else. It was a regimented life. But, I learned discipline.”

Question: Was it hard to grow up without your father? Who took care of you while your mother was at work?
Answer: “I guess I didn't really miss having a father around since he died when I was five. My mother didn't work till World War II. Then, I lived with an aunt and uncle. They were good to me and it was an experience because they lived in the country. Living in the country meant no electricity!”

Question: Was it difficult to grow up with a mentally challenged brother?
Answer: “I guess there was some drawbacks to having a handicapped member of our family. But, I didn't realize it at the time. I accepted the fact my mother's attention went to him first. My friends also accepted the situation. But, I do think I missed having a sibling to argue and fight with all the time. I still see to his welfare today, as I'm all he has left.”

Question: How did you meet your husband?
Answer: “My husband was a “blind date.” My friend was dating a guy at U.K. She had met his friend and thought that I would like him. So, I agreed to meet him. After meeting him it turned out I did like him! We will celebrate 56 years of marriage this December.”

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